North Allegheny Project Water is a nonprofit, student run initiative launched in 2014 to provide clean water to developing villages in Africa. For this year’s campaign, proceeds benefit World Vision’s clean water well construction and WASH (Safe water, sanitation, and hygiene) program that aims to provide 125,620 people in Uganda with clean water through 130 shallow wells, 140 mechanized wells, and outfit 67 schools and 28 health facilities with water supply systems. Every year, we host two dodgeball tournaments within our school district: one at the North Allegheny Intermediate High School (NAI), and one at the North Allegheny Senior High school (NASH). Check out the highlight videos here! In past years, hundreds of students have participated in this team effort to raise awareness and funds for clean water, and we have raised over $36,000. This year, and our goal is to raise $30,000 ($10,000 online) towards our cause. To generate proceeds, we are seeking sponsors for our annual event and its overhead costs. As such, we see this as a wonderful opportunity for you to come alongside our organization for this incredible cause. On behalf of NA Project Water, thank you for supporting this local high school initiative which reaches both across the street and around the world!

    Are you a local business looking to sponsor Project Water? Check out our sponsors page here.

All donations made by U.S residents are tax deductible in full or in part; click here to learn more. For more info on World Vision, feel free to check out their financial stewardship page.